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  When it takes decades to pay off our mortgage, we start to wonder if there are any shortcuts. The first one that comes to mind is, of course, to increase the amount of our monthly payments. However, once you increase your payments, you are not normally allowed to lower them until the end of

2016, may 05

The fact that homeowners can choose to sell their property by themselves is a fundamental right that the real estate brokerage industry respects. However, DuProprio’s ads make malicious remarks and systematically denigrate the work of brokers and their commission. The ads treat consumers like they are crazy for choosing to be accompanied by a professional

2016, may 05

Il y a quelques années encore, la seule façon de trouver une nouvelle maison était de demander à un courtier d’effectuer une recherche. Au cours de la dernière décennie, l’apparition de nombreux sites web spécialisés dans l’immobilier ou les petites annonces a changé la façon dont les acheteurs magasinent. Il est aujourd’hui possible de trouver

2016, january 29
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  • Fawzi a été mon courtier pendant 10 ans. Mon expérience avec lui est incomparable. J'ai acheté et vendu des propriétés résidentielles et commerciales avec lui et je suis heureux que j'ai fait le bon choix en lui faisant confiance. Il était toujours professionnel et a pris son travail au sérieux. Il a récemment vendu deux de mes propriétés de revenu. Merci Fawzi!

    by Milad Balaa
  • Travailler avec Fawzi a été une expérience agréable. Je cherchais à acheter une maison et il a trouvé le meilleur pour moi et ma famille. Il a pu travailler rapidement et m'a sauvé beaucoup de temps. Je suis très satisfait de ses services professionnels et je le recommande personnellement à ceux qui cherchent à acheter ou à vendre!

    by Abdel Bendjoudi
  • As my family started to grow bigger, I realized I wanted a new place for us to call home. Fawzi guided us through our journey of selling our property. We were in a multiple offer situation. He was there to answer all our questions and made it a stress-free environment. At the end, he guided us in choosing what is best for us and he sold it for 95% of our asking price! Overall, we are very grateful to have had him by our side the entire time. We know we chose the right broker!

    by Snezana Vukanic
  • Kind words from a collaborating broker

    by Kind words from a collaborating broker
  • After our 4th child we decided we out grew the place we once called home. However it was a very difficult decision to leave. For 2 years we were not sure how to go about buying and selling. We were not sure if we want to find a property first and then put ours for sale, many uncertain decisions. Then we met Fawzi who changed our way of thinking. The 1st  15 minutes he made things clear. He was very honest and straight forward. After our meeting with him we put our property up for sale, in a couple of days we got many offers, and in less than 8 weeks we sold for the price we wanted.  In 1 week we found the property we now call our dream home. Fawzi has great negotiation skills and professionalism he knows what he is talking about and it shows. Fawzi and Vanessa were with us through it all. We felt very comfortable to reach out to them any time during the day and week-ends, they made our biggest and complexed purchase very simple.   Do not waste your time and look else where, Fawzi and his team are the ones you should trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sonia and Mustapha
  • When I decided to sell my home I listed with a well known broker in our area.  He offered a lot and made lots of promises.  From the beginning, the visits were limited, with no offers and the attention to the sale of my home was minimal, and of course my house was still not sold.  So I decided to try another recognized broker…but to no avail…different broker but the same story. I was losing hope, and contemplating if I even wanted to sell anymore, when a friend of mine recommended an agent that he was working with by the name of Fawzi Yazigy. We arranged a meeting with Mr. Yazigy.  When he came in he was very professional, but said that the house was listed at the right price.  I stared to get discouraged, but then he started to talk about his marking plan, and how he has a team that works with him that specialize at getting homes visible to “right” potential buyers.  He seemed very confident, knowledgeable, and motivated…unlike the rest.  So I said why not I have nothing to lose, and I listed with Fawzi. To my extreme delight…we had many visit and not only did I receive an offer 16 days after we listed but it was at 99% of the listing price.  His negotiating skills were excellent while keeping my interest a top priority.  We closed that offer.  I’ve experienced many brokers, but he is truly the best I have seen.  I recommend Fawzi Yazigy with extreme confidence. Translated from french by Équipe Fawzi Yazigy

    by M. Hamdan
  • When we decided to move in together, we had 2 properties to sale and were also looking for our dream house. By the time we started our search for a broker, it was important for us to find someone reliable, honest and hard working to undertake the task of selling three properties. We interviewed several brokers before and after Mr. Fawzi and even days after meeting with him he remained the candidate who made an impact on us and so we then decided to give him the mandate to sell our 2 properties and of finding us our dream home. He was more than what we had expected and were looking for; he gave us service beyond our expectations. We recommend to everyone looking to sell or buy a home the professional services of Mr. Yazigy because we sold and now live in our dream home.   Translated from French by Équipe Fawzi Yazigy  

    by Richard & Manon
  • I  SOLD  in  3  DAYS  for  FULL  LISTING  PRICE I lived in Saint Leonard for 45 years in the same house.  The decision to list with Fawzi did not come easy.  I had been thinking to sell for a few years.  I interviewed many brokers but no one really impressed me, until I was introduced to Fawzi by my son, who previously did business with him.  I realized that he was not very present in my area, but my son highly recommended him, and I had a good feeling about him when we met.  So I listed…at an excellent price. To my delight my home sold in an incredible 3 DAYS at full listing price.  I sold with Équipe Fawzi Yazigy.  The choice is obvious…Team Fawzi Yazigy gets homes sold. The transaction was smooth while paying attention to all details insuring I was covered in all situations in the future.  Now I am in my new home and very happy.  If I were to sell again I would sell with Team Fawzi Yazigy.  No need to waste your time like I did with interviews …he is the best!

    by Giuseppina Macri
  • When I decide to buy a home I was referred to Fawzi Yazigy by my sister who was very satisfied and impressed with Mr. Yazigy’s work and real expertise.  After several visits Mr. Yazigy kept us optimistic and never lost focus on finding me what I was looking for.  I finally fell in love with a home that was newly listed.  Mr. Yazigy is very real estate savvy and he knew that we had to act fast to get me the property. He acted quickly, professionally, and intelligently to get us the home we wanted for a price that we couldn’t be happier with.  His great negotiating skills and instinct got me into the property that I am now happily living in. I highly recommend him as an agent…you will not be disappointed.

    by Mr. Daoud

    by Témoignage Mr. & Mme Blondin
  • Un gros MERCI!!

    by Emidio Fernando Pereira
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