When it takes decades to pay off our mortgage, we start to wonder if there are any shortcuts. The first one that comes to mind is, of course, to increase the amount of our monthly payments. However, once you increase your payments, you are not normally allowed to lower them until the end of

2016, may 05

The fact that homeowners can choose to sell their property by themselves is a fundamental right that the real estate brokerage industry respects. However, DuProprio’s ads make malicious remarks and systematically denigrate the work of brokers and their commission. The ads treat consumers like they are crazy for choosing to be accompanied by a professional

2016, may 05

Il y a quelques années encore, la seule façon de trouver une nouvelle maison était de demander à un courtier d’effectuer une recherche. Au cours de la dernière décennie, l’apparition de nombreux sites web spécialisés dans l’immobilier ou les petites annonces a changé la façon dont les acheteurs magasinent. Il est aujourd’hui possible de trouver

2016, january 29

Government of Canada Takes Action to Maintain a Stable Housing Market Ottawa, December 11, 2015 – Finance Minister Bill Morneau today announced changes to the rules for government-backed mortgage insurance to contain risks in the housing market, reduce taxpayer exposure and support long-term stability. Effective February 15, 2016, the minimum down payment for new government

2016, january 27